Vote on Tuesday, March 5 - Presidential Primary

Let's Bring Change to Framingham.

Vote Group 2 in the Democratic Primary on March 5. 

Change the tone in Framingham. Empower new bold leaders.


We're Group 2, the Framingham Democrats for Change.

We are the do-ers. We’re current and former elected officials (including the current and two former School Committee Chairs), we serve on various local boards and commissions working on building schools, fighting climate change, advocating for better mental health services, ensuring hard working people get good paying jobs, and working for a better Framingham. We respect people, difference of opinion, and the place we call home.

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Why We are Running

2024 is an important year for Democrats. Not only is Trump and his dangerous words and policies still looming, but here at home we need a new generation of bold leadership to step up and lead this city into a community for everyone.

The current Framingham Democratic Town Committee leadership let our community down by not empowering new voices, tarnishing its reputation with scandal, and ignoring critical issues in our community. While it may be uncomfortable to face this reality, we need to change in order to succeed as Democrats and a city.

We invite you to join us. We’re Group 2: Framingham Democrats for Change.

We are 24 individuals. 18 are not current members of the FDTC. We’re serious about empowering new voices: we intentionally left 11 slots open to welcome new people.

We are the do-ers. Group 2 includes the current and former School Committee Chairs. We serve on various local boards and commissions working on building schools, fighting climate change, advocating for better mental health services, ensuring hard working people get good paying jobs, and working for a better Framingham. 

Most of all, we believe it is time to empower new leaders and voices. More seasoned members of our group will mentor and encourage new voices to get involved.


For the last two decades the FDTC has remained stagnant and has not had any challenge to bring change and new leadership to the group.

This year we came together to form Framingham Democrats for Change – Group 2 because we believe Framingham deserves a Democratic Committee that represents Framingham. A Democratic Committee that is engaged with the issues, activities, and the residents of our city. A Democratic Committee open and welcoming to all. One with members ready to act for a more equitable, progressive Framingham.


Meet Group 2

Group 2 is comprised of 24 individuals who are active in Framingham. We are your neighbors, friends, teachers, union members, community leaders, business owners and activists. Some of us moved to Framingham, while others grew up here. We are drawn from every corner of Framingham. We believe a strong Framingham is at its best when we celebrate our diversity, stand up for each other and work together for the common good.

  • Mary Kate Feeney: Chair, Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee and co-founder of Friends of Framingham Trails
  • Adam Freudberg: District 4 School Committee member
  • State Representative Priscila Sousa
  • Tania Calder: Chair of Hoops & Homework Board and member of the Community Center Committee
  • Nancy Marquez: Community activist
  • Maryanne Texier: Neighborhood activist and member of Community Preservation Committee
  • Garrett Rice: Member of the Carpenters Union
  • George P. King, Jr: Councilor At Large
  • Judith Grove: Environmental Activist, member of Community Preservation Committee
  • Cecila Stefanini: Nurse & former Town Meeting member
  • Debra Tosti: Longtime community health activist
  • Michael Rossi: Former District 6 Councilor
  • Gerard Desilets: Former Town Moderator and longtime Democratic activist
  • Valerie Mulvey: Former Town/City Clerk
  • Dhruba Sen: Community activist
  • Jeanne Bizzoco: Member of Parks & Recreation Committee
  • Herbert Chasen: Founder of Hoops & Homeworl
  • Tield Wadland: President of Pheasant Hill Civic Association
  • Scott Wadland: Member of School Building Committee, former District 3 School Committee Member
  • Dennis Cardiff: Member of Framingham Business Association & Cemetery Trustee
  • Martin Mulvey: Former Town Meeting Member
  • Jessica Barnhill: Chair of the School Committee
  • John Stefanini: Former State Representative and District 8 Councilor
  • Stephen Joyce: North Atlantic State Regional Council of Carpenters

Vote for Group 2 on or before Tuesday, March 5.

Voting for Group 2 on or before Tuesday, March 5 is the first step in bringing much needed attitude adjustment and change to Framingham. You have our commitment we will work tirelessly on your behalf.
Questions? Comments? We want to hear from you. Email us.